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the First Frenchmen will vote on country presidential elections

Elections of the head of the French state will take place on Saturday in overseas departments and the territories of France located in the Western hemisphere.

It is a question of such territories, as Guadeloupe, Martinique, the French Guiana, Sen - Pierre and Mikelon, French Polynesia. Besides, voting will pass in embassies and consulates of France in the countries Northern and the South America.

In sabbatical elections can take part about 882 thousand voters that makes approximately 2 % from total number of the Frenchmen brought in lists of voters.

Elections this day are arranged that the French citizens in the Western hemisphere could vote, without knowing about results of voting in continental France where elections will take place on Sunday.

the Similar principle was already applied during elections in EuroParliament, and also during a referendum under the project of the European constitution.

two candidates apply For a post of the head of the French state - sotsialistka Segolene Royal and the leader correcting the right - conservative party the Union for Nicolas Sarkozy national movement. They have got the maximum number of votes in the first tour where on presidential fast twelve candidates were put forward. Sarkozy has RCVed 31,18 % of votes, and Royal of 25,87 %. On the third place there was centrist Francois Bajru (18,57 %), on the fourth - the head of the extremely right National front Jean - Mari Le Pen (10,44 %). Other eight candidates have typed from 0,34 % B4 4,08 % of voices.

4 victory it is necessary for one of two remained candidates to RCV more than 50 % of voices.