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Negotiations on Democratic People`s Republic of Korea can renew next week - Taro Aso

Six-sided negotiations on a nuclear problem of Democratic People`s Republic of Korea can renew next week if by this time bank Banso Delta Asia finishes transfer of North Korean means into bills of other banks. Such opinion the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan has voiced journalists past Friday Taro Aso (Taro Aso), taking part in conference on Iraq in Charm - esh - the Sheikh.

" the USA are assured that the solution of a problem of return of means of Democratic People`s Republic of Korea already close, and is completely not surprising, if it (renewal of negotiations) will occur next week " - agency Kiodo Tsusin gives of its word.

SPK about possibility of a MTG of Ministers for Foreign Affairs of the countries - participants of six-sided negotiations, Aso has assumed that at first Democratic People`s Republic of Korea should carry out prime measures on denuklearizatsii the Korean peninsula, stipulated in the total document of a February round of negotiations, in particular, to stop a nuclear reactor and to admit in the country of inspectors of the International agency on atomic energy (IAEA).

Last MTG of representatives " the six " has taken place in Beijing in March, 2007. However this round has ended with anything CUZ Democratic People`s Republic of Korea has refused to discuss the further steps on a stop of the nuclear program, its means for abacus Ban˝o Delta Asia (Macao) will not be returned yet.

Contributions for the sum about $25 million have been frozen in September, 2005 under the pressure of the USA which asserted that bills are used Democratic People`s Republic of Korea 4 money-laundering. As a result of means have been defrozen, however till now are not translated, as other banks refuse to accept money on the bills, being afraid for the reputation.

Democratic People`s Republic of Korea has not started yet performance of the obligations, having assured that will make it as soon as it will be convinced that access 2 an abacus in BDA is really opened, and can return money. The USA in the circumstances have met and have given to Pyongyang time 4 end of necessary procedures.

Meanwhile this week there was an information that BDA has begun procedure of registration of transfer about half of means in banks of Russia and Italy.