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Station " the North Pole - 35 " will open in Arctic regions in September

. In September in Arctic regions the Russian drifting station " will be opened; the North Pole - 35 " the chief of High-altitude Arctic expedition of the Arctic and Antarctic scientific research institute of Federal Hydrometereology and Environmental Monitoring Service Vladimir Sokolov has informed News.

As he said, on the threshold of opening " the joint venture - 35 " in Arctic regions the small seasonal drifting station will work. It will settle down around a ridge of Lomonosov. 4 station opening the day before there was an ice breaker " Russia " W nine Russian polar explorers.

" At first experts will conduct preliminary researches, will perform geological WRK. Then, using the information from the companion, polar explorers will choose an ice floe approaching 4 placing of station which is supposed to be opened within the next two weeks. WRK will be conducted in the basic directions which are usually carried out at drifting stations " - Sokolov has told.

In the given area the Russian polar explorers will approximately work till September. It is planned that at this time scientists will take away scientifically - a research vessel " Feodor`s Academician " which under ice breaker conducting leaves in east area of Arctic regions and will open complex Russian drifting station " the North Pole - 35 ".

Supervision on " the joint venture - 35 " there will be messages 30 - 35 experts. Together with Russian polar explorers on a drifting ice floe the employee of the institute of polar researches largest in Germany who will be engaged in studying of atmospheric processes will work. It is supposed that scientists will work at station about one year.

WRK in Arctic regions Russia will spend within the limits of the third International polar year which problems include full-scale researches of polar areas of a planet.

Sokolov has reminded that 70 years from the beginning of domestic researches in Arctic regions on May, 21st are executed - this day the station " has been opened; the North Pole - 1 ". Domestic experts at drifting stations conducted regular supervision in various parts of the Central Arctic regions, carrying out a wide complex of researches in the field of meteorology, oceanology, actinometry, aerologii, geology, geophysics, astronomy and magnitologii.