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Fetva ABT feeding by a chest has called disputes in the Egyptian society

In Egypt the religious writ ABT feeding by a chest has called indignation in a society.

the Egyptian woman can be alone with the colleague of a male only in the event that she nurses it. Such fetva (the religious writ), published recently two theologians of influential Islamic Cairo university Al - Azhar Izzatom Attyjja and Abdel Mahdi Abdel Kaderom, has called a criticism wave in the Egyptian society.

Occurrence fetvy is connected with an interdiction which imposes Islam on a finding in one premise of two persons of the opposite sex which has been not connected among themselves by bonds of marriage or relationship.

According to the new writ, the woman can remove hidzhab and be with the fellow worker together in one room only provided that it " raises its chest milk ".

" Having come after a while into any establishment, you should not be surprised, if will C 50 - the summer official putting to a chest of the subordinate " - the Egyptian independent newspaper " writes; the Hell - Dustur ".

the Known specialist in Egypt in the field of theology of Malika Jussef in interview to other Egyptian newspaper " Al - Karama " names published in Al - Azhare fetvu " madness ".

" It is unethical. Such subject should not rise " at all; - SPK Jusef.

According to one more theologian Al - Azhara Mabruka Attyjja, fetva - " not that other, as bad and incorrect interpretation " a special case " from an epoch of Prophet Mohammed ". It has reminded that the Prophet has advised to the woman to feed with chest milk of the adult adopted child that it became its dairy mother after in Islam adoption was forbidden.

However as the Egyptian newspaper " informs; Al - Vafd " the author scandalous fetvy has already apologised B4 compatriots, recognising that has incorrectly interpreted the primary source.