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Yushchenko and Yanukovych discuss conditions of carrying out of parliamentary elections

the President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko and the prime minister - minister Victor Yanukovych discuss on Monday at a MTG in Kiev conditions of carrying out of preschedule parliamentary elections, informs a press - service of the head of the Ukrainian state.

the Head of the state and the head of the government should co-ordinate definitively all conditions of carrying out of preschedule parliamentary elections following the results of activity of working group which on the instructions of Yushchenko and Yanukovych worked over preparation of the bills necessary for carrying out of election campaign, and also to name date of elections.

One of leaders BJUT Alexander Turchinov has declared to journalists that the working group has prepared a necessary package of bills 4 modification of the selective legislation. " all necessary mately 4 legislative changes are turned out " - he has told.

Tourist`s ranks has noticed that the further WRK of experts will be not productive as not co-ordinated there were only insignificant MOM which are not influencing preparation of elections. " or 2MORO we will hold (parliament) session, and all is ready to it, or it is necessary to carry out the decree of the president and to mobilise all efforts 4 its realisation " - has underlined Tourist`s ranks.

He has informed that Yushchenko`s today`s MTG with Yanukovych can " to put an end in negotiating process and in questions when and in what format early election " will be spent;. " All offers 4 such arrangement are turned already out by working group " - representative BJUT has underlined.

the President of Ukraine has signed on April, 2nd the decree ABT dissolution of parliament and purpose of extraordinary parliamentary elections for May, 27th. The Supreme Rada has considered the decree unconstitutional and was converted into the Constitutional court 4 check of legality of the decree of the president. Yushchenko has signed on April, 26th the second decree ABT purpose of elections for June, 24th.