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Putin suggests to put state investments in Russian " blue counters "

. Putin suggests the government to consider possibility of an investment of state investments in Russian " blue counters " 4 stock market activization.

" There was a rise in prices for energy carriers. At the same time, we observed stagnation in stock market. 4 updating of this natural state the government can quite think that it is possible to make in such unusual, non-standard conditions. Would ask you to think on the future of it " - Putin at meeting W members of the government has told.

Putin has declared it in reply to words of the Minister of Finance of Russia Alexey Kudrin which has told that considers illogical realisation of state investments into the Russian stock market.

" That for restrictions whenever possible investments in ours " blue counters "? - Putin has asked ministers of the economic block of the government.

Head MERT Herman Gref admitted that does not know, and Minister of Finance Kudrin has assured: " Restrictions are not present ".

" the mode of convertibility of rouble does not assume restrictions under investments into stock market. The NE investor, including external, has the right to buy " blue counters " (the Russian companies) " - Alexey Kudrin has told.

Putin has specified: " the Government puts in foreign securities Y in ours yet does not put absolutely? ".

the Head of the Ministry of Finance has told on it that, in its opinion, investments of these means in the Russian securities will have two negative effects. On the one hand, it will call increase in money resources which will simply settle on an abacus of banks.

" We are urged to limit the state intervention on home market with a view of stability maintenance - a course (rouble) and inflation " - Kudrin has told.

the Second factor, the minister considers, there can be that such mass injections at not developed stock market can raise speculative character of this market.