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and Ahmadinezhad oppose Lukashenko of a unipolar world order

. The president of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko and Iran Mahmud Ahmadinezhad oppose formations of a unipolar world order. Heads of the states have informed on it, opening meeting of delegations in the expanded structure.

" 2DAY there is no worthy alternative to formation of the unipolar world. However I am assured that Iran W its richest history, powerful economic potential is capable to become one of the influential CTRs of the world community " - the Belarus president has told.

" I noticed time and again that many approaches of Iran are conformable to the Belarus visions of the device of a world order " - Lukashenko has told.

the President of Iran has noticed that positions of Belarus and Iran are rather similar on the international problematics. " it is pleasant that mutual relations of Belarus and Iran within the limits of the international organisations successfully develop " - Ahmadinezhad has told.

As he said, in the world it is necessary to create balance and balance.

" We oppose the unipolar world and influence rendering by one states on others " - Ahmadinezhad has told.