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the Authorities of Beijing will protect monuments of culture from flow of tourists

. The authorities of Beijing plan to enter restrictions on number of the tourists visiting the tourist objects most well-known in the Chinese capital.

As has declared on Monday the director of a municipal government for a cultural heritage of Shu Sjaofen (Shu Xiaofeng), the city authorities will daily supervise quantity of visitors and to take measures on protection of monuments of culture.

the Most well-known and attractive to tourists in Beijing are a palace " Gugug " (the former imperial Forbidden city), the Great Wall and the Summer palace (" Ihejuan ") .

During the last May feasts which are traditionally being on national WKND, only for one day the Forbidden city has visited about 115 thousand tourists. Local experts believe that safe 4 this complex is 30 - 50 thousand persons a day.

Shu Sjaofen 2 has informed that in 2008 of the power do not plan to begin any restoration WRK in city centre. Nevertheless, the next five years for reconstruction and restoration of monuments of culture out of the CTR of Beijing it will be allocated 600 million yuans ($77,92 million).

Now almost all monuments of a cultural heritage in Beijing are actively restored. The largest structure in the Forbidden city, the Hall of the Higher Harmony, is restored since January, 2006 and will open 4 visitors only in the end of 2007.

Prior to the beginning of the Olympic Games which start in Beijing in August, 2008, Hrama Konfutsija reconstruction and nearby Imperial school (Gotszytszjan) 2 will be finished.

Shu Sjaofen has noticed that after reconstruction all tourist sights will be equipped by signs on Chinese and " correct " English languages.

cases when indexes on the Chinese are translated into English almost literally are Now frequent. So, the Park of nationalities known in Beijing (where the life, culture of all occupying Peoples Republics of China of national minorities is shown) while translating on English has RCVed the name " Racist park ".