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the Independent expert has laid blame for That accident on Skajgajd - 154

the Independent expert has made responsible for accident over Boden sea, 71 persons who have carried away life, the Swiss aviadispatching service Skajgajd, informs TV channel TSR.

Accident could be prevented, if that night behind the panel two were on duty, instead of one dispatcher, has told the Austrian expert, acting on Monday on litigation in the Swiss city of Bjulah.

the Practice accepted in Skajgajd when in night watches behind the panel there was only one dispatcher, and its colleague left to have a rest, breaks the international norms of control over air space, the expert has declared.

Besides, Skajgajd should warn the next CTRs of control over flights ABT the technical WRK spent at night of accident in Zurich, he considers.

the Expert 2 has supported pilots Russian They be 154.

Unlike German Department on investigation of aviation incidents (BFU) the Austrian expert considers that the Russian pilots have arrived correctly, having obeyed instructions of the dispatcher, instead of automatic system of the prevention of dangerous rapprochement of planes.

the System demanded from pilots They be 154 to gain height, to avoid collision, and dispatcher Peter Nilsen who was on duty at night of accident behind panel Skajgajd, to the contrary, to decrease. Experts BFU consider that pilots should follow instructions of automatic system.

Nilsen has not lived before litigation - he has been killed in February, 2004 by Russian Vitaly Kaloyev who in accident over Boden sea has lost all family - a WF and two children. In October, 2005 the court in Zurich recognised Kaloyev guilty of a premeditated murder and has sentenced it to eight years of prison of a high security.

B4 court in Bjulahe eight employees of Skajgajd have appeared. All of them are accused of murder due to negligence of a great number of people, to them threatens from six till 15 MTH of the conditional conclusion. Acting last week in court, they have refused to recognise the fault, having shifted it on Nilsen.

Process in Bjulahe should last till May, 31st, and sentences on this business will be taken out not earlier than July of this year.

Accident over Boden sea has occurred on July, 1st, 2002. In air space of Germany have faced They be 154 " the Bashkir airlines " and the cargo Boeing of company DHL. Was lost 71 persons, including 45 children from Bashkiria, flying on vacation in Spain.

The day before in Bjulah there have arrived some relatives of victims of accident who plan to take part in judicial hearings.