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Air base of the USA in Bishkek can close - the speaker of parliament of Kirghizia

In case the USA will want to use the air base placed in the international airport of capital of Kirghizia in other purposes, except as 4 antiterroristocheskoj operations in Afghanistan, it will be closed. It has declared on Monday, answering a question of journalists on possibility of use of air base in Kirghizia 4 drawing of blows across Iran, the speaker of parliament of republic Marat Sultanov.

" the American base is created only 4 carrying out of antiterrorist operation in Afghanistan CUZ we authorised only 4 WRK in Afghanistan " - the speaker has declared. Having added that during a MTG with the ambassador of the USA in Kirghizia Mari Jovanovich, it " has underlined it, having told that if we will have any suspicions that this base intends for other purposes, we will raise the question at once ABT air base cessation of work ".

the Aviation base of the countries of an antiterrorist coalition has been created at the international airport " Manas " capitals of Kirghizia in December, 2001 under the mandate of the United Nations within the limits of operation carrying out " Indestructible freedom " in Afghanistan. At the moment on air base are billeted about 1000 military men and military - transport planes of the Air Forces of the USA.

At the same time, on Monday, addressing to sessions of parliament of Kirghizia, deputy Almanbet Matubraimov has called colleagues " to solve a question " ABT continuation of abiding of a military contingent of the USA in territory of the international airport of Bishkek.

" Let`s solve a question with air base. Now SPK that in spite of the fact that there there are tents, the two-storeyed building underground is constructed. Let`s specify our internal and foreign policy, let`s unite - parliament, the president and the government - and we will come 2 the uniform decision in a foreign policy question " - Matubraimov has offered.

the Deputy considers that the foreign military base located in territory of the international airport, creates 4 Kirghizia a situation " full political blockade ": " Anybody 2 us cannot arrive, we cannot leave " anywhere;. Also has urged the speaker to create the special commission definitively to solve this question.