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Political tourists and majdanarbajtery in Kiev

When past Wednesday instead of premieres - the minister and the president (or, to the contrary) 2 journalists left   secretary SNBO and the first vitse - the prime minister (it is possible and upside-down) it became clear that concrete date of elections is declared and will not be. About what again have not agreed Yushchenko and Yanukovych   to the people A/U have not informed. Instead representatives of high rank of the contradictory parties have told to the press that the working group should work a little more, and here after that (any one - two days) without fail date will be declared. But as neither for a long time already nobody believes the prime minister, nor the president, their mouthpieces, the fact of possible extension of one - without day (as, actually, and left) has been conceived two days, in general - that, is quiet almost all participants of process. T e. Both politicians, and the people. Except for socialists and communists.   As a result on the Maidan on Thursday has again aloud begun to smell urine. As

And it is exact. Has not passed also a pair of clocks, as 2 the Maidan which has been rendered habitable by supporters of a coalition   still on third of April, have started to be tightened svezheprivezennye columns of political tourists or as them still name, majdanarbajterov ABT which inhabitants of Kiev have begun was to 4get.   but not here - that was. Some thousand the uncomplaining people who have been taken out from bowels of the Ukrainian remote places, have exposed on the blaze of the sun in the CTR of Kiev. And that the heat did not seem such hot, to visitors of capital have given the chance to look on the big screen a direct transmission from the Supreme Rada. To tell about, a leah such service, difficult was pleasant to visitors. Probably, no. First of all because on May, 17th air on open spaces got warm where - that B4 thirty three degrees. And mass meeting should fulfil at least five - six hours. An occasion 4 off-schedule « gathering of voters » There was the new counter sounded in parliament on that Thursday. Its essence consisted that, having accepted de - fakto inevitability of elections,

In a word, from outside the slogan eclecticism looked like arrival to one of settlements of crew unforgettable « Antelopes of a gnu » under leadership of Ostapa Bendera during the well-known automobile race. Inhabitants of this village, knowing that someone will arrive, but, without knowing an information occasion, JIC left on a MTG with all posters which at them were available. Including and the most universal: « That our children have not died away, PLS, organise a manger! ».   in many respects it reminds the Kiev pictures as in places of a mass congestion of supporters of Yanukovych and 2 on - former slogans ABT inadmissibility of illegal elections hang. But even if them in the near future also will curtail, who has told that they cannot be made again actual. However, 2 meeting fresh headers had not time to prepare, but in the rest all under old recipes: the pair - a three of thousand people exhausted with a heat under the flags, the blocked Kreschatik, two ten speakers which, judging by their performances, piously

Besides it, Yanukovych`s allies on a coalition, i.e. leaders of communists and socialists, do everything that negotiating process was if is not brought to naught it is finished to the point of irrationality. It concerns also statements of the Frost, calling to make radical antipresidential changes to the Constitution, and mysterious visit of the leader of the Ukrainian communists of Simonenko to Moscow where it ostensibly met Vladimir Putin. Besides last week in the newspaper under control to Rinatu Ahmetov « 2DAY » the power scenario of succession of events which ostensibly prepares Sekretat of the president has been published. With terrible rasskazkami ABT resignations, searches and arrests. Butters to fire of a power nightmare were added also by unexpected change   The secretary of advice on national security and defence (SNBO). When Yushchenko it is unexpected 4 all has replaced imperceptible businessman Gajduka on the fast with the veteran of the Ukrainian policy Ivan Pljushcha who was to the people W unexpected 4 it a broad beard. So in Yushchenko`s environment