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Belarus soon will begin oil recovery and gas in Iran - Lukashenko

Belarus will start to extract in the near future oil and gas in Iran, Alexander Lukashenko has declared.

It is a question of deposit working out " Dzhufejr ".

" In the near future we can extract, process or take away and sell in NE region of the world hydrocarbonic raw materials, and also natural gas " - the president of Belarus has informed following the results of negotiations W the president of Iran Mahmudom Ahmadinezhadom.

Lukashenko has thanked Ahmadinezhada for " exclusive support of the country and the people ". " you have really met and have allocated to us that deposit which we planned. Experts surveyed this deposit, and we are ready to extract oil on this deposit " - Lukashenko has told.

He has underlined that the Belarus party is interested in giving of more dynamical relations in trading - economic sphere, a diversification of export and import by the goods and services.

" your visit will help to promote considerably in the decision of problems facing us " - the Belarus president has underlined.