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Russia yet did not RCV white papers ABT charge Meadow

the Russian competent bodies yet have not RCVed from LDN white papers ABT a presentation of charge to businessman Andrey Lugovomu in murder eks - the officer of KGB Alexander Litvinenko. On it News were informed by a source in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

" To us the information on charge Meadow in this crime is known. Now the Russian competent bodies expect reception from Great Britain the official information in this respect that in detail W it to familiarise " - the Russian diplomat has told.

the Royal public prosecutor`s service of Great Britain has brought accusation to Meadow Litvinenko with murder by a poisoning, the head of department Ken McDonald has declared on Tuesday. He 2 has informed that Great Britain will demand an extradition Meadow of Russia 4 carrying out over it of court on the case of murder of Litvinenko.

the State Office of Public Prosecutor of Russia excludes possibility of an extradition of the businessman Meadow, has declared News a source in department.

Litvinenko ran in 2000 to Great Britain. He has died on November, 23rd, 2006 in LDN. Experts of the British Agency in health protection have found out in its body traces of radioactive polonium - 210.