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the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia urges the authorities of Lebanon not to admit situation deterioration

In Moscow denounce acts of terrorism in Lebanon and urge the authorities of the country not to admit situation deterioration, the official representative has declared on Tuesday the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Michael Kamynin, answering questions of journalists.

" We resolutely denounce these terrorist sorties and we count that they will RCV due repulse. We hope that the government of Lebanon and leading political forces of this country in present difficult conditions will show necessary composure and will not admit the further degradation of a situation " - Kamynin has told.

As he said, " encourages that fact that in the face of tragical events in the north of the country all Lebaneses - both the ruling majority, and leaders of opposition - have acted from uniform positions ".

the Official representative the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation has reminded that in Lebanon after some calm armed conflicts around camp of the Palestinian refugees of Nahr al - Bared who is exposed to bombardment of heavy artillery have renewed.

Besides, 2NITE on May, 20th as a result of explosion in east Beirut occupied mainly by christians, the woman was lost, and on May, 21st in the western part of capital new explosion has thundered, there are wounded men.

" it is obvious that those who arranges these explosions, aspire to provoke the further aggravation of a situation in Lebanon and its destabilization " - Kamynin has declared.

He has once again CFMed that Russia acts from a position " respect of the sovereignty and political independence of Lebanon under the uniform and exclusive power of the Lebanese government in all territory of the country ".

" Thus we hope that lawful actions of the authorities on law and order restoration will be carried out so that not to admit victims among civilians " - the diplomat has noted.