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Zjazikov asks the federal CTR to help with an unemployment solution of a problem

the President of Ingushetia to Murat Zjazikov was converted 2 the president of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin W the request to help with a solution of a problem of unemployment and a housing question in republic.

Putin at a MTG on Tuesday W Zjazikovym has expressed concern unemployment high level in Ingushetia.

" In republic, unfortunately, the greatest unemployment and, fortunately, the highest birth rate " - the president has told. " it as - that is connected? " - the head of the state has asked.

" Republic the youngest, but this " a lack " or worthiness QIK will pass " - Zjazikov has responded. He has noticed that the able-bodied population has increased approximately on 40 thousand, and quantity of workplaces only on 14 thousand 296.

" Without the aid of the federal CTR we will not solve a problem " - Zjazikov has told.

At the same time, as he said, dynamics W quantity of workplaces the positive. " level of the registered unemployment in republic makes 27 % " - he has told.

Zjazikov has noticed 2 that one of these days in republic the first big maternity hospital is handed over. " however the problem of children`s death rate is saved " - he has added. " we would like to be converted apropos perinatalnogo the CTR 2 you " - the president of Ingushetia has told, being converted 2 Putin.

the President in turn named " the positive MOM growth of number of small enterprises in republic ". As he said, for four years their quantity has increased in 6,2 times, and the volume of output at these enterprises has grown four times.

" We try to help small enterprises, we create additional workplaces at the expense of such enterprises " - the president of Ingushetia has told on it.

SPK about housing problems in region, he has informed that in Malgobeksky area of republic is constructed about 200 cottages, however " the problem W habitation is not solved ".

" 1951 family lives in a zone of landslips, and W/ O your help we can make nothing " - Zjazikov has told.

At the same time, he has noticed that for 2006 in under construction capital Magas is placed in operation 22 thousand square metres of habitation. " lately we build capital the accelerated rates " - Zjazikov has told.

As he said, " the national project " Accessible habitation " contributes in the decision of this problem ".

Zjazikov has informed that in 2010 nine microdistricts of capital will be completely built up. " it is very important 4 the youngest republic Russian Federation " - the head of Ingushetia has told.

He has noticed that W 2002 for 2006 in republic has been constructed 2 million 230 thousand square metres of habitation.