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the Latvian reckless drivers the bodies 4 transplantation

have asked to bequeath Department of security of traffic (DBDD) to Latvia of the beginnings on Tuesday the social action " the Reckless driver, bequeath the bodies 4 transplantation " which purpose - to force irresponsible drivers on - new to look at security problems on roads.

" the Thoughtless drivers nicknamed in the people " donors of bodies " daily play with the health and life. But there are people who stand in a queue on transplantation of kidneys or heart, and they would give everything if only to decide - to live or die " - has told News a press - the secretary of DBDD Dzhoanna Eglite.

campaign of social advertising will be spent in mass-media, and across all Latvia will be razveshany boards W the request 2 " aggressive " to drivers to bequeath the internal to the transplantation CTR.

It already the third massed social campaign Latvian DBDD against drunkenness and recklessness on roads. Earlier on the state TV there was a series of commercials ABT prison customs - driving in an alcohol intoxication in Latvia is punished by prison term. Besides, the department has let out a series of short films " Drink, ezzhaj, join " ABT life of the invalids who have RCVed physical inability as a result of driving in an alcohol intoxication.

Social advertising Latvian DBDD has been recognised the best in EU at festival of advertising Golden Hammer last year.

Monthly on roads of Latvia hundreds people, in this country the high level of death rate on roads to EU (in a percentage parity) perish.