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Meadow it is possible to judge only in Russia, the State Office of Public Prosecutor

the Russian businessman Andrey Lugovoj accused by Great Britain in murder eks - the employee of FSB Alexander Litvinenko declares, can be made answerable only in Russia, Marina Gridneva has declared the official representative of the State Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation.

" the Citizen who has committed a crime in territory of the foreign state on presented this state matelam, can be involved in a criminal liability, but only in territory of Russia if the Russian legislation provides responsibility for a similar crime " - has declared Gridneva to journalists.

It has reminded that according to 61 article of the Constitution of the Russian Federation the citizen of Russia cannot be given out other state.

As she said while in the State Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation did not arrive any official mately or documents from Great Britain ABT a charge presentation Meadow and its extraditions on the case of Alexander Litvinenko`s poisoning.

" Certainly, if such documents arrive, they will be attentively studied, and all charges to the Russian citizen will be carefully CKed taking into account criminal case ABT Alexander Litvinenko`s murder which is investigated by the State Office of Public Prosecutor of Russia " - has added the representative of department.

the Royal public prosecutor`s service of Great Britain has brought accusation to the Russian businessman Andrey Lugovomu with murder eks - the officer of FSB Alexander Litvinenko by a poisoning, the head of department Ken McDonald has declared on Tuesday. He 2 has informed that Great Britain will demand an extradition Meadow of Russia.

Litvinenko ran in 2000 to Great Britain. He has died on November, 23rd, 2006 in LDN. Experts of the British Agency in health protection have found out in its body traces of radioactive polonium - 210.