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the Witness of Nuremberg

News concerns those not numerous nowadays mass-media which can RCV the information on the Nuremberg litigation which has begun 65 years ago first-hand.

the Adviser of editor-in-chief RAMI " News " Enver Nazimovich Mamedov those days has been directed on process to Nuremberg from the Soviet diplomatic representatives to Italy - as the translator. Those days Enveru Nazimovichu was 22 years. At this young age he has had time to fight two years on fronts of the Great Patriotic War as the commander of a company, and also to pass courses of military translators. Then, after transfer from army in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it was necessary to participate in adjustment of contacts to the new Italian government and allied English - the American military authorities in Italy. And here - the new commission: To translate from English on Russian 4 the Soviet participants of process and to help the main Soviet accuser with Nuremberg - to the future General public prosecutor of the USSR to Rudenko`s Novel.

a private responsibility Principle

2DAY Enveru Nazimovichu of 87 years, but it is live remembers the smallest details of process, marks behaviour of ANY1 of the accused. Them were 24 persons, and it were one of the cruel men of the twentieth century.

Ordering ljuftvaffe Herman Goering, the chief of management of imperial security Ernest Kaltenbrunner, the general - the governor of Poland Hans Frank … removed in a dust and ashes bombardments Warsaw, Rotterdam and Stalingrad, a concentration camp, lost B4 three quarters of the pre-war population the Polish and Belarus cities - all it stood up for these people. Young translator Mamedov peered into the person of ANY1 of them, after all the accent on a private responsibility accused for the acts or for criminal inaction was one of major principles of the Nuremberg tribunal. Judges of tribunal did not accept the link that supposedly " time was such " or " I simply executed the order ".

" I consider that the formulation of concept of aggression and an establishment of a private responsibility of representatives of the state for criminal acts of this state was the main achievement of tribunal, - Enver Mamedov considers. - and now it is necessary to hear opinion that Nuremberg was ostensibly revenge of winners defeated. Anything similar! These people judged not that they have lost war. They were judged that they have made evil deeds in which millions people were lost, and by many of them - in terrible torments ".

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" There is no crime W/ O the corresponding law " - the ancient legal norm for which tried to hide accused of Nuremberg was that. As though they did not know that, sending children and women to death in gas chambers, starving prisoners of war, using a slave labour " ostarabajterov " they commit a crime!

the International military court (MVT) has broken through this " last line of German defence " (so newspapers named lawyers of nazi bosses). At this break article 6 of Charter MVT has been used. According to this article, under tribunal jurisdiction got " murders, destruction, enslavement, the link and others of cruelty made concerning civilians B4 or during war, or prosecution on political, racial or religious motives … Irrespective of, a leah these actions by infringement of the internal right of the country where they have been made, or not " were;.

this article had strong enough legislative grounds: the Hague convention of 1929, the international contracts on the reference W prisoners of war and civilians, contracts ABT nenapadenii, which nazis broke without batting an eyelid … But the most important basis - a principle " not uby " three-thousand-year experience of a western civilisation - it is similar, no. At least - in heads accused.

not come shade of repenting

" I have noticed that when the accused listened to performances of witnesses, that is the victims, they hid eyes or represented active interest to papers lying B4 them, - Mamedov tells. - in their persons there was no the repenting, one only indifference or irritation. There was a MOM when in a hall have turned off the light and began to show a newsreel - bulldozers rake up corpses in concentration camps. To look at the screen it was terrible. Persons of defendants have been illuminated from below. And AGN I have not C in them repenting though one or two defendants have shed for the sake of appearances tear ".


It seems that the beings sitting on a dock in a hall of the Nuremberg court, were, using expression of Russian philosopher Peter Bitsilli, moral idiots. In their eyes murder and really was not a crime, and only the physical certificate of interruption of biological process - lives. They would like only one - that this most biological process in them has not interrupted at all. EZ recognising others lebensunwert (unworthy life - such was quite legal under the form though also criminal as a matter of fact the term in the third Reich), any of them did not recognise as unworthy life of. All represented innocence, though ANY1 - on - to the.

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" During process Goering posed, represented from itself the fellow-heir defeated, but not surrendered Hitler, - Mamedov tells. - and here the former head of Central bank Jalmar of the Mines, spent reequipment vermahta in 1933 - 1937 and persuaded president Gindenburga to appoint Hitler the chancellor in 1933 - m, separated from others accused, kept apart. At other inhabitants of prison Shpandau - " a pre-trial detention centre " 4 nazis is called irritation. A pier, in power - 2GETHR, and in prison - separately? "

As it is known, Mines has been justified - from - that he like would know, but has not informed Hitler on attempt of plot against it in 1944. As it is known, delegation of power in Germany to allied armies coming from the West was the purpose of this plot. Probably, therefore Englishmen and Americans " have 4gv " the Mine, lived B4 93 - summer age and died in 1970 in heat and a cosiness.

not to be late prior to the beginning " cold war "

Strangenesses of behaviour English - the American allies have not taken cover and from young translator Mamedov. Perhaps, to mankind has very much carried that process in Nuremberg has had time to begin in November, 1945 and to end it is less, than in a year - before " cold war " between the USSR and its former allies on an Antihitlerite coalition has grown.

" I Am afraid that if process was tightened for one year, many of the nazi criminals accused of Nuremberg, and would not be hung up, - Mamedov tells. - After all Englishmen have actually rescued from death flown 2 them by Rudolf Gess`s plane, having given it a life imprisonment. It is a little more - and others would RCV lifelong terms and - lja Gess, and can, and softer punishments ".

the Soviet representatives on process - judge Iona Nikitchenko and an accuser Rudenko`s Novel - acted W " separate opinions " demanded more rigid punishments. It is a rare occurence when the today`s legal expert would agree with the Soviet public prosecutor - ESP 2DAY when to us all horrors of the Holocaust and plans of nazis on destruction of 30 million slavs have opened and all it is universal the gipsy. Certainly, Rudenko in Nuremberg carried out instructions of the Central Committee of party and personally Stalin. But in the requirement to punish nazi executioners it was sincere - it does not doubt and working in those days its assistant Enver Nazimovich Mamedov.

" Rudenko had a powerful protection against pressure berievskih special services - it had a direct contact to Stalin, - Mamedov tells. - it is not necessary to 4get and that subsequently Rudenko accused all berievskih improvised - generals. And traces nazi " hozjajnichanja " he C in Ukraine where worked as the general public prosecutor. Then these crimes C or knew all under stories of eyewitnesses. So many questions which are put 2DAY in the western press, and at us sometimes then simply could not appear ".