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Ukraine will direct a peace-making contingent in the Cat - D to Ivuar

Kiev, 23 aching - News, Marina Shmajun. the President of Ukraine Victor Yanukovych has supported the decision of the Ukrainian members of parliament to send a peace-making contingent in the Cat - D Ivuar for election campaign passing there.

the Parliament of Ukraine in the beginning of November has voted for that the Ukrainian peace-making contingent in Liberia has gone in the Cat - D Ivuar where will give the help of mission of the United Nations in connection with passing presidential election. The president in this African country has passed the first tour of elections in the end of the October, the second will take place in the end of November.

According to the accepted decision, four helicopters W crews and technicians in total of 25 persons from a peace-making contingent as a part of 56 - go separate helicopter group which takes part in mission of the United Nations in Liberia will be directed.

Earlier sekretat the United Nations it was converted 2 the government of Ukraine W the request to give the Ukrainian peacemakers in election campaign carrying out in the Cat - D to Ivuare. The Ukrainian group in Liberia is the only thing which gives aviation resources in mission of the United Nations in this country.

" to Countenance the decision of the president of Ukraine concerning participation of a peace-making contingent of Ukraine which operates as a part of Mission of the United Nations in Liberia, in granting of operative support of Mission of the United Nations in the Cat - D? Ivuare during election campaign carrying out in the terms designated according to the decision of the UN Security Council " - it is SPK in the corresponding law of Ukraine from the November, 4th, 2010, placed on a site of the president on Tuesday.

In the law 2 it is designated that financing of the given actions will be carried out at the expense of means of the state budget of Ukraine W their further compensation by the United Nations Organization.

the State the Cat - d Ivuar has appeared in 1960 when independence of the country of France has been intoned. Earlier this territory carrying the name Ivory coast, was the French colony, and later, since October, 1946, had the status of overseas territory of France.

In December, 1999 in the Cat - d Ivuare has occurred a military coup d`etat, in 2000 the last have taken place till now elections following the results of which 2 the power Gbagbo has come.

Terms of carrying out of present presidential election were transferred six times.

the State the Cat - d Ivuar which aggregate number of the population exceeds 21 million person, is presidential republic. The president is selected direct vote for a period of five years W possibility of unitary re-election. It possesses all completeness of executive power, appoints and the prime minister - the minister discharges.