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the joint venture can bring an action from - for charges in concealment of the reporting of Transneft

Moscow, 24 aching - News. the Audit Chamber (joint venture) of the Russian Federation does not exclude that can be converted into court on charges in reporting concealment on building check " Transneft " the pipeline Eastern Siberia - Pacific ocean (VSTO), was informed by News on Wednesday in a press - department service referring to auditor Valery Goregljada.

the Internet - bloger Alexey Navalnyj last week has placed in the blog the information that at building of pipeline VSTO the damage in 4 billion dollars has been ostensibly caused to the state. At this Navalnyj, specialising on struggle against corporate infringements, referred on mately Audit Chamber.

the Auditor of the joint venture Valery Goregljad, acting on Wednesday on air " Russian news service " has declared: " If us accuse that we have hidden the data, and Navalnyj has opened them, we can study a question of honour and dignity protection of our organisation in court. It is not excluded, though such decision is not present ".

he has underlined that the documents which Navalnyj has placed in the blog, are not original documents of Audit Chamber.

" Officially we did not RCV documents from blogera Navalnogo to verify their authenticity. To verify on the Internet, you see, it insufficiently legally it is given reason " - has added Goregljad.

Navalnyj L8R has reacted to the statement of the auditor in tvittere. " Has read foggy statements of Audit Chamber that they can bring an action against me. Well certainly will not submit. Swindlers know that all truth " - writes bloger.