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Yanukovych has dismissed heads of all areas of Kiev

the President of Ukraine Victor Yanukovych has dismissed heads of all ten regional administrations of Kiev. Corresponding orders on Wednesday are published on an official site of the head of the state, however in documents the dismissal reason is not underlined.

the head of the state has appointed Other orders new chairmen of regional administrations of capital. The an armchair was saved only by the head of Pechersky administration Sergey Sushchenko - the president has repeatedly appointed it to this post.

the President of Ukraine the decree from November, 16th has appointed Alexander Popova the head of the Kiev city state administration, having dismissed from Leonid Chernovetsky`s this post which 2 is the mayor of Kiev. This decree became possible after acceptance of changes in the law on capital in September, 2010 according to which posts of the mayor of Kiev which is the person selected, and heads goradministratsii which is appointed the president, it is differentiated. Before the selected mayor was automatically confirmed by the president to the post heads of capital administration.

the President 2 has dismissed the head of Shevchenkovsky regional administration Victor Pilipishina whom earlier have appointed the assistant to head goradministratsii.

Experts did not exclude personnel shifts in the Ukrainian capital after purpose of Popova by the head of city administration.