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the Director of the Yaroslavl memorial estate Moscow is reinstated

, 25 aching - News, Svetlana Jankina. the Director of the Yaroslavl memorial estate Elena Ankudinova dismissed from the fast on September, 30th, is reinstated in a judicial order.

" On a judgement me 2DAY have reinstated, and from tomorrow I come to work " - has informed Ankudinova of News on Thursday.

According to the interlocutor of agency, on October, 29th it has brought an action the claim ABT illegitimacy of the dismissal and as a result it has decided not only to reinstate its director, but also to compensate mental cruelty and urged proguly.

Ankudinova has specified that last labour contact has been concluded W it for a period of 3 MTH, till October, 1st, and after its expiration nobody began to prolong it. The reasons of it Ankudinovoj are unknown.

" If the museum stably carries out all plans, wins any awards, is known, successfully develops, in a museum normal collective the dismissal reason - the contract termination is that such? " - she SPK and adds that, in its opinion, here have interfered " haste and subjectivity ".

Besides, during court it was found out that " the first contract has been concluded illegally and my contract recognised as termless ".

All this time of the colleague - art dealers rendered Ankudinovoj encouragement - in particular, the director of the Hermitage and the president of the Union of museums of Russia Michael Piotrovsky has sent the letter to the governor of Yaroslavl region.

" I am very grateful to all who was with me throughout these long and not so pleasant days " - she has told.

Ankudinova is ESP grateful to collective of the Yaroslavl memorial estate, and also colleagues - to art dealers from different regions of Russia from which it RCVed on some calls every day.

" W/ O these people I, probably, would not have courage all it to take out " - the interlocutor of agency has concluded.

Elena Ankudinova works in memorial estate some decades and heads it W 2001 - go year.

In this time it has entered in tridtsatku the best in Europe, has won four presidential grants, its budget has grown more than in 10 times and makes 25 million roubles, 40 % from which they earn.

Visit the Yaroslavl memorial estate almost 600 thousand persons annually.

the Main object of a museum - Spaso - the Preobrazhenskiy monastery based in the beginning of XIII century.

In museum funds it is stored more than 300 thousand exhibits, including products drevne - Russian art, icons, fabrics and manuscripts, and a number of collections of a museum have national value.