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News has chosen the focal points of week in culture

Moscow, 26 aching - News. past week cinematographers have RCVed the charter, classics and contemporaries - the award " the Big book " members art - groups " War " - formal charges in hooliganism on 213 - j to article UK, and only the Perm opera and has not got new hudruka: triumphal MSG on accession on this post of Teodora Kurentzisa have appeared premature.

" Has praised the talented author "

On Wednesday the award " has summed up; the Big book ": the literary critic Paul Basinsky, RCVed 3 million roubles for research " became its main winner; Lev Tolstoi: flight from paradise " ABT last days lives of the classic - century from the date of his death just recently marked. It is amusing that the third place too have awarded to the novel ABT Tolstoy`s leaving from " the Clear Glade " - " t " Victor Pelevin (it - the favourite of reader`s voting). It is even more amusing that 11 years ago Pelevin in " Generation P " has walked on Basinsky, having forced it to advertise cologne Gui, choking in a cesspool and in wails ABT spirituality. Now, it turns out, Basinsky has recouped - the first award all - taki have given to it. At last, the third surprising MOM: advisory council " the Big book " has written out also the special award, and not to somebody, but one more jubiljaru this year - to Anton Pavlovichu Chekhov.

in general, W/ O calendar bindings one novel - the winner - " has managed only; the Persian " Alexander Ilichevsky.

And " the Ferris wheel " Michael Gigolashvili as which many critics consider hardly probable not as the main literary event of year, remains W/ O the award on a broader scale: the third place in reader`s voting to this book as - that not on a rank.

Figaro here, there

In the same environment on all mass-media have crept away with Figaro of a MSG on departure to Perm the next star of the modern art, this time - conductor Teodora Kurentzisa. Left that already since the future season he will head the Perm opera and will make there revolution of which the Bolshoi theatre only dreams, namely - will get rid from repertuarnyh performances and will introduce the system accepted worldwide stagione, that is constantly updated statements W the invited actors, more than that is W world opera stars. To that in Perm constantly there are art revolutions, during the last years all have got used, here only the delight concerning purpose of Kurentzisa has appeared premature: as it was found out next morning, the Perm minister of culture Boris Milgram about what plainly W the conductor has not agreed yet. However, negotiations really go, it recognised both parties. And present Perm hudruk George Isaakjan anyway one foot already in Moscow - in the summer he has headed Children`s musical theatre of a name of Natalia Sats.

Rates are made, misters

On Thursday members of the Union of cinematographers have gone to White Columns - to accept the new charter of the organisation. Business threatened to be tightened: have decided to vote on ANY1 point separately. One article - ABT inadmissibility of extremism 4 members of the Union - W a swoop have cancelled, but then, having got a fright that in the opinion of the public members of the Union thus begin to look hardly probable not a gang of robbers, have returned back. The opposition in the name of Vadim Abdrashitova has urged not to spend at all force for the charter, having discussed instead actual problems of domestic cinematography; to vote about it, truth, did not become. Debate went the turn, gathered was going to spend the night in a hall or to come back next morning. As the vice-president of board Sergey Lazaruk has told, all expected to find out in the document " a bomb " however as a result of it there it has not appeared; all amendments on which insisted including opposition, have been brought. Having made sure of it, gathered were sharply accelerated and as a result have come 2 the ending to children`s time - 21. 23 Moscow time.

the Following congress by it is necessary only through two and a half a year.

Business is business

to Members art - groupings " War " expecting in Petersburg prison " Crosses " vessels for the action " Palace revolution " official accusation is brought: it has appeared, overturning of police cars is " the rough infringement of a public order expressing obvious disrespect for a society " moreover " made by a group of persons on preliminary arrangement " and " connected with resistance to the representative of the power " That is - article 213 of the criminal code of Russian Federation meaning imprisonment for the term up to seven years.

Opinions in art - community were divided: on the one hand, to overturn cars it hooliganism is valid; W another - it was a question of the art project, let even extreme, W the third, - " War " has won general applause, for 23 seconds having represented a huge phallus on the Foundry bridge (photos of this action have instantly dispersed on the Internet), and " Crosses " - a place not too pleasant so active workers need to sympathise only.