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the Moscow City Council will create group on questions melkoroznichnoj trade in Moscow

Moscow, 26 aching - News. the Working group concerning placing of non-stationary objects melkoroznichnoj trade in Moscow will be created at advisory council of the commission of Moscow City Council (MGD) on economic policy and business, the chairman of the commission Igor Protopopov has informed on Friday.

Now in Moscow WRK on optimisation of placing of non-stationary objects melkoroznichnoj trade, including close ulichno - a high system is spent. Mass liquidation and moving of booths and stalls has begun in Moscow after mayor Sergey Sobjanin has scarified a situation W the organisation of trade at the underground. Having visited at underground stations " Street of 1905 " he has noticed that numerous tents disturb движе6нию passengers and transport. The mayor named it inadmissible and has charged to make trade in Moscow civilised. In this connection the committee on architecture and town-planning of Moscow till May, 1st, 2011 should develop the new scheme of placing in capital of non-stationary trading objects and uniform modern architectural decisions for street trade.

" We will create working group on melkoroznichnoj to trade. Offers will be directed the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobjaninu. It is necessary to connect businessmen To this WRK and the public " - the deputy in a course " has informed; a round table " in capital parliament.

In particular, as he said, it is necessary to define directions of the further perfection of the legislation in the field, to discuss a question of creation of more transparent system of competition on the right of placing of non-stationary objects.

" Frequently competitions are opaque. Besides, it is necessary to register more accurately what of non-stationary objects are socially significant " - has specified Protopriests.

the Chairman of commission MGD on municipal economy and the housing policy Stepan Orlov, in turn, has noticed that melkoroznichnaja trade is very important element 4 Moscow as the majority of purchases is carried out on its objects, instead of in large supermarkets.

" We should put a network in order, not on it is necessary to pull down branch " - has underlined Eagles.

As he said, it is necessary to create comfortable conditions 4 business development, and components of it are stability and accurate " game rules ".

" There is an information that the department of ground resources dispatches letters on clearing of the earths on which are placed non-stationary melkoroznichnye objects. W it it is necessary to understand " - the deputy has noted.

Thus he has added that the part of objects ulichno - a high system should be saved.

" For example, we have booths on sale of tickets " - has specified Eagles.

According to a deputy head of management FAS across Moscow Dmitry Tetushkina, now management has placed recommendations 4 prefectures of administrative districts where the explanation is given, in what case at liquidation of objects the antimonopoly law can be broken.

According to the chairman of the commission " the Support of Russia " on melkoroznichnoj and exhibition trade of Vladlena Maksimova, mass liquidation of points non-stationary melkoroznichnoj trade has been made by a number of capital officials to discredit the mayor.

" diligent businessmen " Have suffered, first of all; - has underlined Maxims.

In particular, he has specified, in a mass order points at metro station " have been liquidated; Street of 1905 " in which number and authorised.

Thus, according to Maksimova, in a city is about 1,5 thousand illegal objects.