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reference Terms behind the grant at reception of the child in a new family are increased

Moscow, 26 aching - News. Deputies of the State Duma have accepted on Friday in the first reading the governmental bill which gives to parents an extra time 4 the reference behind a lump sum at reception of the child on education in a family.

the Bill suggests to give to the citizens who having the right to reception of a lump sum by transfer of the child in a family and have converted behind reception of such grant, the extra time - B4 six MTH - 4 granting in body which appoints and pays grants, the documents CFMing that the child has lost parental care.

" Now the law on welfare payments to the citizens having children, establishes six-monthly term to collect a necessary package of documents 4 grant reception. This term presekatelnyj, that is cannot be prolonged in the presence of good reasons of its admission " - has explained during plenary session the vice-president of committee GD concerning a family, women and children Irina Sokolova.

As she said, in practice adoptive parents or trustees owing to circumstances not always have time to collect such documents, as the judgement on deprivation of parents of the child of the parental rights or their restriction.

" 4 the decision of this problem the bill provides the mechanism of prolongation of term of the reference behind the grant practically till 12 MTH " - has told the deputy.

According to the bill, day of the reference behind the corresponding grant day of reception of the statement for purpose of the grant or the date specified on a postage stamp if the statement went by mail is considered.

the Bill suggests to establish a reference order behind a lump sum, similar to an order provided by the federal law " ABT labour pensions in the Russian Federation ". According to this document day of the reference of the citizen behind pension considers day of reception of the statement of the citizen with all necessary documents the body which is carrying out provision of pensions. The date specified in the statement is considered day of the reference behind pension and in that case when all necessary documents are enclosed to the statement not, but they have been presented by the citizen subsequently during certain term.