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Azarov`s Protection has hurt a film crew television camera " 5 channels "

Kiev, 28 aching - News, Andrey Lubensky. Security guards of premieres - the minister of Ukraine Nikolay Azarov roughly interfered with a film crew " 5 - go the channel " to carry out professional duties during visitation by the head of the government and president Victor Yanukovych of tent small town of participants of the action of the protest against recently accepted Tax code on an independence Maidan in Kiev, has declared in a blog on a site the Internet - editions " Telecriticism " the journalist " 5 channels " Azad Safarov.

" On Saturday during visitation by the president of Ukraine Victor Yanukovych and head of the government Nikolay Azarov of tent small town on the Maidan nezalezhnosti (independence), me, the journalist, and the operator (Elena Sorokin) have not allowed to pass in tent where Azarov communicated with businessmen " - Safarov writes in the blog, having explained that Yanukovych has already left by then camp of the protesting.

At the same time, as he said, to film crews of TV channels " Inter " " 1+1 " and ITV security guards have not forbidden an input in tent - unlike " 5 channels " journalists of these channels " have been warned ABT arrival of the high-ranking officials and have arrived there together with them ".

" when to the place of event there has arrived a film crew " the fifth " representatives of Management of the state protection by a wall of a steel at an input in tent where there was Azarov. Despite indignations and shouts of inhabitants of camp ABT that a film crew taki have started up inside, protection of it has not made " - Safarov writes.

the Journalist " 5 channels " asserts that security guards have refused to be called and show certificates.

" When have given the command that the prime minister - the minister leaves tent, me and the operator began push away roughly far away from tent. Security guards have clamped the operator from both parties, have closed a hand and a body an objective, and also have started to disconnect a wire of a microphone from the chamber for the operator. Only after shouts protesting to Azarov that " to the fifth " do not allow to remove, the prime minister - the minister has ordered to pass the chamber. However security guards and further tried to disconnect a wire of a microphone from the chamber " - the journalist informs.

As he said, security guards have hurt the chamber - have broken an objective.

News yet has no State protection comments.