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War W stoppers: from trams 2 trucks

For a MTH that Sergey Sobjanin heads the capital government, its sabbatical detour of Moscow W the subsequent " analysis of flights " seemingly, became new tradition. The mayor seriously undertook stoppers. A leah on the will, a leah by a good advice of the president who has declared that " it is the test for capacity of the power " but now struggle against stoppers – actually main fad of Sobjanina. Dmitry Medvedev has estimated this first MTH positively. " I C that you have vigorously enough started execution of commissions, it is necessary to continue this WRK in quiet, but an offensive key as you and do " – the head of the state at a MTG with Sobjaninym has told on Monday.

New life of trams

First of all the Moscow authorities intend to understand W public transport. Last inspection of the mayor (on November, 27th) has begun with visitation of tram depot of a name of Apakova. Important statements 4 Muscovites became result some.

In particular, the mayor has CFMed that the high-speed tram in Mosve all - taki will be (ABT it SPK much, but is not too confident). Now there was a reality: the tram will connect Balashikha with the capital CTR, it will go on HWY of Enthusiasts, extent of ways will make 20 km. One more high-speed tram route is planned from a platform " Lianozovo " B4 settlement Northern.

Dates of Introduction in a system of lines while are unknown. But Sobjanin has disposed " in acceptable time limits to work a question of development of a high-speed tram " also named this project " one of priority directions of development of transport " in which " it is necessary to involve additional investors ".

the Mayor at a MTG in depot of a name of Apakova has easy enough conceived the sum demanded on reconstruction available rails. According to the head of State Unitary Enterprise " mosgortrans " Peter Ivanov, it is a question ABT 6 mlrd rbl. on 100 km of ways. " it is an elevating resource 4 a city " – Sobjanin has reacted.

public transport Reform

the Mayor has demanded " to develop and confirm the general scheme which would give understanding of a parity of municipal and private transport, understanding of development of a basic network on the basis of non-polluting and high-speed kinds of public transport ".

past Thursday then still the chief of department of transport and communication Vasily Kichedzhi (it have ousted on Friday, being on a press - conferences in News, sent journalists 2 a department site where preliminary plans of reforming of system of passenger transportations are published.

But now reform of all system as a whole prepares. " on a route one carrier which has won open competition, &ndash will work; declared Kichedzhi. – It has not put, when at a stop their crowd, and they are pushed and row ". " mosgortrans " as he said, can take part in playing of routes in accordance with general practice. On Saturday Sobjanin has charged to make this enterprise competitive: in the shortest terms to create the program on restoration and economy upgrade " mosgortransa ".

and at all the separate state enterprise that will exclude corruption and confusion will be engaged in Sale and the account of tickets. Competition development should be reflected in tariffs favorably. " my opinion – tariffs have reached threshold values, – has explained Kichedzhi. – the Trip for WRK and back on the average manages in 100 roubles. It is clear that by the car is cheaper. Limit the prices we cannot, but we can enter a competition and stop growth ". It has admitted that the prices can EVN decrease percent on 20.

However, about tariffs of definitive clearness is not present. Arguing on this subject, Kichedzhi has made a reservation: " I express the personal POV ". It is not excluded that it disperses from the POV of the mayor. As well as assurances of already former chief of department of transport that trolley buses will not deduce from city centre: " IDK, whence you take these hearings. Trolley buses are necessary, it is ecology ".

that the mayoralty intends to develop public transport is clear while only, and money under these purposes is. Sobjanin time and again SPK about it also. The purpose one: Muscovites should prefer the underground and the bus to the privately owned vehicle.

the Individual transport

But all in public transport you will not replace. It is necessary to think and over other ways of struggle against stoppers. In transport department at present has arrived more than 3 thousand offers from experts and motorists. Among them – both concrete ideas to concrete ADDY, and system measures. To systematise their and own operating time, to reduce all the most reasonable in strategy of development of transport system of the power promise 2 the middle of December.

the Separate block – creation " parking branch ". 2DAY parkings does not suffice, and that is, accessible you will not name. " when I come to the State Duma, I leave the car in an underground parking at " Metropolja ". On a pair of clocks still I presume, but it is no more. For 100 roubles at an o`clock of interested persons it is not a lot of. All time burns with a board – 240 - 250 places constantly are empty " – the chairman of coordination council of multi-region public organisation of motorists " gives an example; the Freedom in choosing " Vyacheslav Lysakov.

" there Will be uniform rules, including the tariff policy. Will come seteviki. Taking, for example, a parking on Tver W one price, setevik will be obliged to take and on MKADe where hour will cost rubles 10. Thus, expenses and incomes are compensated " – promised on behalf of profile department Kichedzhi.

" In the international practice the following design procedure is accepted: the price for a day should not exceed hourly average earnings of townspeople (in Moscow it is 150 rbl.), and in an hour – 1/ 5 from a payment for days (according to 30 rbl.) " – the chairman of Federation of Motorists of Russia (HEADLIGHTS) Sergey Kanaev SPK.

the Moscow authorities stake and on so-called intellectual transport system (ITS) which in full should earn in capital in five years. Then in streets will appear " clever traffic lights " reacting to a road situation.

However, motorists yet too believe in realness of such idea. " the NE automatic system will go mad, when streets of Moscow daily manually block 4 thousand " flashers " – Vyacheslav Lysakov explains.

One of components ITS – a chain of devices of photovideo observation. Now to all Moscow – only one such automatic machine in Sushchevsky street, also is supervised by it only speed. In the long term them will be 150, the majority in 2011. " It is possible to put NE parametres, and it (system) will register NE infringement: a wrong parking or crossing of feet - lines on a traffic light " – Vasily Kichedzhi has explained. " we will announce All ADDY of installation of such systems. Drivers will be warned " – officials promise. Begins so to break more difficult and more expensively.

But not to manage and W/ O punishment toughening. To enter more severe sanctions motorists offer. " all conversations on ostensibly special mentality of the Russian driver who is not submitting by the nature to any rules – BS, – makes comments eks - the head of GAI of Russia Vladimir Fedorov. – Y then our drivers, crossing border, instantly become disciplined? CUZ know, what abroad penalties ". Motorists are afraid only of one: that the authorities will mix an operations procedure. " fiscal measures are justified, but only as the final stage. When all conditions 4 observance of the established rules are created, there is a sense to punish for their infringement " – Vyacheslav Lysakov explains.

Muscovites so have got used to stand eternally in stoppers and so of it were tired that are now quite ready to give almost full of maps - blansh to the authorities on struggle against them. But unreasoned or too hasty actions can EZ discourage shy, but all - taki believed in success of the enterprise of townspeople.

the Truck transport

Having observed fervour of Sobjanina, experts not W/ O fear W8 for the measure introduction which necessity all is obvious.

raise the doubts only ways. It is a question of idea of an interdiction of entrance of trucks to Moscow in the afternoon. Since January, 15th 2011 journey of motor transport by load-carrying capacity more than 1,5 tons and entrance on the city territory limited to MKAD, cargo motor transport W the resolved maximum weight more than 7 tons, W 7 can be closed. 00 B4 23. 00. The corresponding decision now is submitted for consideration the governments of Moscow.

business has there and then responded To the initiative. Trade union " the Trucker " have threatened with failure of deliveries in capital supermarkets, and ritejlery – sensitive increase in the prices. The discontent of businessmen is expected, and they, most likely, too understand that on certain compromises it is necessary to go. Experts are surprised with terms. " trucks should be forbidden, but if since January, 15th – it is accident. Before to forbid, on ANY1 radial road it is necessary to construct at least on one normal parking where drivers could spend the night. On it half a year, and even year will leave. And so all of them will rise directly on radial highways " – states the opinion about this instruction of Sobjanina the head of the Moscow CTR on struggle against stoppers Alexander Shumsky.

" Perhaps, the mayor, appointing terms, recognised that if to specify on March, 1st, will make by July, 1st " – the chairman of Federation of Motorists of Russia (HEADLIGHTS) Sergey Kanaev tries to solve logic of the mayor.

last day on fast of the head of department of transport Vasily Kichedzhi has had time to mention that terms can be still reconsidered. Its receiver Nikolay Godunov while in this respect yet was not voiced.

Than war of Sobjanina W stoppers will end, is not clear yet. To SPK about the system plan of this war experts 2DAY not undertake, as also the ready scale plan still is not present. There are only prime measures which should be realised in 2011 - 2012, and a certain encouraging tendency, at least because 4 the decision of a transport problem in the mayoralty the social council W attraction of motorists and scientists is created.