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Spain and Portugal have spent in Zurich demand rehearsal on CHM - 2018

Moscow, 30 aching - News. the Application committee of Spain and Portugal has held on Tuesday in Zurich dress rehearsal of presentation which will be presented on elections of owners of the World championship on football of 2018, the Spanish newspaper Marņa informs.

Russia, England 2 apply For carrying out CHM - 2018 and more one joint demand - Belgium/ the Netherlands.

On action where there was a head of application committee Migel Anhel Lopez, the Spanish technical brigade has shown video presentation which in two days will be presented members of executive committee FIFA. Under the scenario, during presentation W the reference to delegates FIFA the prime minister - the minister of Spain Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, the head of the government of Portugal Jose Sokratesh and heads of football federations of both countries will act.

From candidates on carrying out CHM - on December, 2018 2th the demand Belgium/ will present the first the Netherlands, then representatives of Spain/ Portugal, after them - Englishmen will act. The Russian demand will be presented last at 12 o`clock local time (14. 00 Moscow time).

Ceremony of the announcement of the countries - mistresses of world championships 2018 and will take place 2022 on December, 2nd in a staff - apartment FIFA in Zurich in 18. 00 Moscow time.