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Financial " the seven " has urged China to adhere bolshej to flexibility

to China it is necessary to show the big flexibility concerning a rate of national currency, it is SPK in the communique extended on Saturday following the results of discussion by heads of financial departments and operating banks of the countries " the Big seven " (G - 7).

" the Big flexibility of the rate of exchange is desirable in developing economy W the big proficiency of the bill of current operations - ESP in China " - it is SPK in document G - 7. Earlier experts of IMF and the World bank already passed an opinion concern of a course policy of China. In particular, it was noticed that it is one of the reasons of a disbalance in global economy.

" We CFM that exchange rates should reflect fundamental economic indicators. Strong volatilnost and random motions of courses are undesirable to economic growth " - it is marked in the communique.

In the document it is underlined that economy of the countries " the seven " continue to remain strong and moderately grow. At the same time, thanks to favorable financial conditions developing economy shows 2 high growth. Thus " the seven " marks some potential latent risks: in particular, price fluctuations in the markets of power resources and growing inflationary expectations in a number of economy.

Besides, G - 7 greeted the resolution on reform of quotas and voting in IMF and has urged all members of fund to support it. 2 importance of strengthening of efficiency of researches of IMF is underlined.

" the Seven " has supported efforts of the government of Lebanon, directed on restoration, development and economic reforms in the country. She greeted the decision of the countries which have agreed to assist Lebanon.

" We have agreed to strengthen our actions on struggle against money-laundering, we insistently advise FATF (the International working group on struggle against financial offences) to concentrate on definition and acceptance of corresponding measures within its powers. We ask IMF and the World bank densely to work W FATF, to contribute in introduction of corresponding international standards " it is SPK in the document.

In structure financial " the seven " member states G - 8 except for Russia enter.