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In Bruxelles the fifth year is successively spent " Day W/ O the car "

In Bruxelles on Sunday in the fifth time it is spent annual " Day W/ O the car ".

All entrances to capital of Belgium which 2 is the European Union administrative centre, will be blocked by police since nine mornings B4 seven o`clock in the evening.

to Sit down for a car wheel it is authorised to exclusively practising doctors, invalids and dealers, however speed of movement 4 them is limited by 30 kilometres per hour.

2 services of other motorists who do not have special admissions, - peripheral " parkings - traps " from which, if necessary, it is possible to reach EZ the CTR of Bruxelles on public transport. 4 interested persons to use its services discounts are provided.

the Majority brjusseltsev conceives " Day W/ O the car " As a feast and W pleasure go on foot, go by bicycles or on roller skates.

However the feast does not release them from observance of traffic regulations. This day strict restrictions 4 fans are entered to sweep on roller skates and skejtah: movement on proezzhej to a part will be authorised only to those who has reached 16 - summer age.

In connection with carrying out of the ecological action in many areas of Bruxelles will be organised it is sports - cultural actions.

it is not excluded that in parks and squares of the Belgian capital, and, probably, and in city streets this day it will be possible to meet EVN the secretary general of NATO Jaapa de Hoop Sheffera and the high representative of the European Union on foreign policy and Javier Solana`s security, known for the predilection for jogging.

the Unusual show expects all decided to support eko - the action on the area at a justice Palace in the CTR of Bruxelles where the stylised village will be constructed.

On the spacious lawn covered with a grass the area about two thousand square metres brjusseltsy and city visitors can participate in the improvised picnic in an environment of pets.

Representatives of country economy promised to treat all refused to sit down for a car wheel with non-polluting products.