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the Belarus opposition has tried to spend a protest action

the Belarus opposition on Saturday has tried to continue a protest action against detention of the co-workers opposite to president residence.

About 40 young active workers of opposition after protest action end on the area Bangalore which has been authorised by the city authorities and has passed W/ O excesses and zaderzhany, have gone on the October area 2 president residence. Having crossed them behind heads, they were built in a chain along the central prospectus of Independence, expressing thus solidarity with the detained M8.

In some minutes law enforcement officers have pushed aside protesting W the area. Publicly anybody has not been detained. Representatives of the Belarus opposition, however, do not exclude that after the unapproved action on the October area of organizers law enforcement officers will wait about the house.

On Friday of four representatives of the youth oppositional organisation " Young front " have been detained for actions on behalf of not registered organisation.