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to Families of victims at explosion in a Krasnogorsk will pay on 150 thousand roubles

to Families of victims at explosion on Saturday at sewer station in a Krasnogorsk area of Moscow Region indemnification at a rate of 150 thousand roubles will be paid, has informed News a press - the secretary of the governor of Moscow suburbs Andrey Barkovsky.

" On the past on Monday morning meeting the governor has made the decision on assignment on matelnuju indemnification to families the victim from reserve fund of the governor " - has informed Barkovsky.

He 2 has added that indemnifications will be RCVed also by those victims who are now in hospitals on treatment.

Explosion on kanalizatsionno - pump station number 1 in the street Central in settlement Pavshino of Krasnogorsky area of Moscow Region has occurred on Saturday, on September, 16th, in 09. 10 Moscow time. Three persons were lost, seven are hospitalised. The three-storyed brick building of station has been completely destroyed. Now on a place of accident a recovery work is spent.