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the Kishinev authorities do not recognise results of a referendum in Dnestr region

the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and to the European integration (MIDEI) to Moldova has declared that does not recognise results of the past the day before in Dnestr region of a referendum.

" We do not recognise results of a referendum. Yesterday will change nothing. A so-called referendum - smirnovsky a political farce " - head MIDEI Andrey Stratan has declared to journalists on Monday.

As he said, the Moldavian authorities " stand up for democratisation of Dnestr region, and MIDEI will be and to advance further a policy reintegratsii the countries ".

According to preliminary data, for independence of unrecognized republic and its subsequent joining to Russia 97,1 % of participants of a referendum, against - 2,3 % have voted.

On the second question on possible refusal of independence of Dnestr region W the subsequent occurrence in structure of Moldova against 94,6 %, for - 3,4 % of participants of a referendum were voiced.

78,6 % of voters participated In voting from total number brought in lists 4 voting. In Dnestr region of Moldova live more than 550 thousand persons. From them a vote possess about 400 thousand.