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Yushchenko the President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko has charged to the public prosecutor to CK the facts of illegal compensation of the VAT

has charged to general public prosecutor Alexander Medvedko to CK the facts of illegal compensation of the tax to the added cost (VAT) in ten-day term, have informed News in a press - service of the president on Monday.

" We have started to come back 2 practice which already was two years ago which has generated mistrust of business 2 the power, power manipulations, swindle, and, finally, has generated those bases of corruption which arose in VAT indemnification " - results a press - service of a word of the president.

Yushchenko has mentioned the facts considerable, in tens times of different levels of indemnification of the VAT in different regions of the country, naming such position " a hand control of distribution of financial streams ".

" I have given the commission to the general public prosecutor within 10 days to CK all these circumstances Y the state law on the budget is broken that at the heart of these actions have been put, and to create the mechanism of monitoring which would make impossible carrying out of such policy of tax administration following MTH " - quotes a press - service of the president.