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the Senator of the Russian Federation suggests to accept the convention on ecological security

the Chairman of committee of the Federation Council on natural resources and preservation of the environment Victor Orlov has suggested to accept within the limits of the Shanghai organisation of cooperation (SHOS) the special convention on ecological security.

" Russia and China could leave W this initiative " - he has told in conversation with journalists within the limits of passing in the Chinese city of Harbin Russian - the Chinese conference on problems of legislative maintenance of cooperation of the Russian Federation and the Peoples Republic of China.

Eagles has noticed that in mutual relations " at least " it is required to accelerate signing of the agreement on transboundary waters and use of objects of transboundary waters.

" we consider Use of wood resources and resources of bowels in a uniform context W preservation of the environment and, in particular, transboundary waters " - the senator has added.

the Chinese party, according to Orlova, really actively brings an attention to the question on simplification of procedure of access 2 the Russian natural resources, including wood.

the Senator has suggested to consider as experiment possibility of granting to the Chinese party of rights of use of one million wood hectare. However it is a question not of export of crude wood, and ABT creation of the enterprises of deep processing of wood in our territory, has underlined Eagles.

He has added that the Chinese party should carry out deep processing of wood W its subsequent restoration, a construction of roads and an accompanying infrastructure. " this experiment should be spent " - has declared Eagles.

In turn, the chairman of committee of Council of Federation on a science, culture, education, public health services and ecology Victor Shudegov has declared to journalists that Russia and China are not insured from occurrence of environmental problems and technogenic incidents. Thereupon at conference it has proposed " to approve, at least, in a river basin the Cupid the so-called law on obligatory ecological insurance ".

" All enterprises which ecology can harm, according to this offer, should be without fail insured " - Shudegov has told. As he said, in case of failure the insurance companies would pay indemnification of that territory which damage has been put.

While the Chinese party yet does not give the answer to similar initiatives.

Conference of the Russian and Chinese legislators concerning legislative maintenance of cooperation between the Russian Federation and the Peoples Republic of China has opened in Harbin on Monday.