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to the Latvian deputies want to forbid to SPK on - russki

Parliamentary fraction of the Diet of Latvia " to Fatherland and Freedom " has placed for consideration an amendment Diet 2 regulations of parliamentary activity which would forbid Russian-speaking deputies to use a native language during sessions of the parliamentary commissions, the Latvian newspaper " informs on Tuesday; Hour ".

the Similar offer has called rough reaction of the protest from the party not only the left fractions of parliament making minority of the Diet, but even their ideological opponents from right parties.

As the chairman of parliamentary fraction of the Union green and peasants Avgust Brigmanis " has declared to the edition; I do not have words! Y it is impossible to speak Russian? Perhaps on a broader scale we will cease to talk in other languages - English, French, Estonian. Give and on - latgalski we will cease to SPK! ".

It is far not the first attempt to limit Russian in the Latvian parliament, however all previous have been rejected by the majority of deputies.

Amendments will be considered next week.