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There is begun investigation of collision of trains in the Voronezh region

Office of Public Prosecutor of the Voronezh region has started investigation of the reasons of collision of cargo trains on a railway stage of Ikorets - Bitjug in which result 43 cars have descended from rails, the assistant to the prosecutor of the region Dmitry Mihajlov has informed News.

" Now forces of workers of the device of Office of Public Prosecutor of the Voronezh region, Liskinsky transport Office of Public Prosecutor and linear department of internal affairs on transport spend scene survey " - Mihajlov has told.

Failure has occurred the day before in 21. 50 Moscow time in Bobrovsky`s territory of area of the Voronezh region on 198 - m kilometre of a railway stage of Ikorets - Bitjug. As a result skatyvanija under a bias in a direction, the return to movement of a cargo train, there was its collision with the standing locomotive.

28 cars (the majority empty, one W a paint, one - W the beer, one - W confectionery) and 15 empty tanks, including six - from - under ortofosfornoj acids As a result were derailed. There was an insignificant leak of the rests of acid which is eliminated. 30 cars remained on rails.

During a recovery work the chemical burn of an eye was RCVed by the adjuster of tracks who is hospitalised in Bobrovsky TSRB. Machinists have not suffered.

As have informed News in a press - service of management of Jugo - east railway (JUVZHD), according to preliminary data, malfunction of the locomotive became a cause of accident.

" On the unknown person while to the reason has beaten out out of operation locomotive automatics. As a result pressure in brake system began to fall QIK and became fast equally practically to zero At this time a train went under a bias. Despite attempts of the machinist to restore system, the locomotive has swept BWD and has faced cargo train " - the interlocutor of agency has told.

As he said, by data on 13. 00 Moscow time, all 43 derailed cars are lifted. On a scene commission JUVZHD led by fulfilling duties of chief Jugo - East highway Alexander Bavykoj works. Four regenerative trains are involved In liquidation of consequences of failure.

Movement of passenger trains is directed on a roundabout way, have informed in a press - service JUVZHD.