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the Russian dry-cargo ship W designs of bridges expect in Beirut on October, 6th

Arrival of the Russian dry-cargo ship W designs of bridges in port of Beirut it is expected on October, 6th, the head of operative group of the Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation in Lebanon Ivan Tsygankov has informed on Wednesday to journalists.

" the Vessel will come to port of Beirut where corresponding papers will be made, and in some hours it will leave on unloading in port Dzhija under Sajdoj " - Tsygankov has told.

He 2 has informed that W a vessel the continuous communication is supported. " through operative back of armed forces of Russia on duty and corresponding services of Ministry of Transport we two times a day contact the captain. We specify its site. The ship moves according to earlier established schedule ".

" We count that in second half of Friday, on October, 6th, we will be ready to start vessel unloading " - the representative of the Minister of Defence has added.

Tsygankov 2 has reminded that all questions connected with a finding of the Russian bridge battalion in territory of Lebanon, completely are co-ordinated with the Lebanese party.

" All questions standard - legal regulation on our abiding in Lebanon are co-ordinated, and I think that we will not have any problems of abiding in Lebanon " - he has told.

the General 2 has informed that the arrangement of the Russian bridge battalion will visit a management of the Minister of Defence of Russia. " when it will be, and who will arrive - to SPK prematurely, however, most likely, it will occur when we will have practical results of our WRK. Intentions such are " - Tsygankov has concluded.