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Vneshtorgbank plans direct investments in financial sector of Europe

Vneshtorgbank (VTB) plans direct investments in financial sector of Europe, the president - chairman of the board Vneshtorgbanka Andrey Kostin has informed.

" We also will invest further in the European market as we want to be the company of world level " - Kostin on Wednesday at a forum devoted 90 - letiju from the date of the basis Russian - the British chamber of commerce has declared.

He has informed that on base " daughters " VTB the Moscow national bank (Mos˝ow Narodny Bank) it will be western created - European holding under brand VTB - Europe.

answering a question, a leah W8 the Russian business in Europe, Kostin has noticed that " it still should be solved ". " It is one of the most difficult markets 4 us " - head VTB recognised.

Making comments on the transaction on acquisition by bank of actions of European aviabuilding company EADS of 5 %, Kostin has noticed that it was positive is conceived by world community.

" Reaction to our transaction on acquisition of 5 % EADS was deeply positive " - Kostin has told.

He 2 has declared that greets acquisition by the western banks of the Russian financial structures. " it bears to confidence of the western business of Gud prospects of the Russian financial market " - head VTB has concluded.

Vneshtorgbank - the second largest Russian bank, its main shareholder from shares in 99,9 % is the government of Russia.