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the agreement on creation toplivno - a power stock exchange

the Governor of St.-Petersburg of Valentine Matvienko and the governor Hunts Is signed - Mansijsky autonomous region (HMAO) Alexander Filipenko have signed the agreement on creation Russian toplivno - a power stock exchange, the correspondent of News broadcasts.

" We create in St.-Petersburg together with Hunts - Mansijsky working group on creation Russian toplivno - a power stock exchange W participation and use of experience of leaders world commodity - raw stock exchanges " - has informed Matvienko after agreement signing.

As she said, the working group will prepare offers on project realisation. 4 the organisation of WRK of a stock exchange two platforms - St.-Petersburg and Hunts - Mansijsk are considered.

Besides it, Matvienko and Filipenko on Wednesday have signed the cooperation agreement in scientifically - the technical, social and cultural sphere, calculated on five years.

In particular, 4 information interchange creation of uniform multi-region help service is supposed. 2 organisation possibility trading - economic representations is provided.