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Turkey will direct peacemakers to Lebanon next week

Turkey will direct to structure of a peace-making contingent of the United Nations in Lebanon an engineering battalion from 260 military men which will go there next week, most likely on Tuesday, broadcasting company NTV has informed on Thursday referring to sources in military department of Turkey.

to Lebanon the country parliament has accepted the Decision on sending of a peace-making contingent on September, 5th under the government recommendation in spite of the fact that the president of the country Ahmet Nedzhdet Sezer (Ahmet Neņdet Sezer) has opposed.

the Mandate of a finding of Turkish military men in this Arabian country is given out for one year.

Under statements of officials of Ankara, Turkish military men will carry out in Lebanon only peace-making missions.

" They will not be responsible for grouping disarmament " Hezbollah " and performance of similar problems " - the Minister of Justice, the official representative of government Dzhemil Chichek (Ņemil ņiņek) repeatedly declared to journalists.