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the leader of the Iraq wing of Al Is destroyed - Kaidy

In Iraq is destroyed the leader of the Iraq wing " Al - Kaidy " Abu Ajjub Al - Masri (Abu Ayyub al - Masri) informs the Arabian TV channel " Al - Arabija " referring to the informed sources.

According to TV channel, the leader of the Iraq cell " Al - Kaidy " and three its accomplices were it is destroyed on Wednesday during special action of the American military men in the city of Al - Hadisa located 2 the West from Bagdad.

At the same time, a press - the service of the American armed forces does not CFM with this information.

Al - Masri, the native of Egypt, 2 is known as Abu Hamza al - Muhadzhir (Abu Hamza al - Muhajir). He has headed the Iraq wing " Al - Kaidy " after in June of this year the former leader of the Iraq wing of this international terrorist network of Abu Musab az - Zarkavi has been destroyed.

Forty-year Abu Musab Az - Zarkaui, the leader of the Iraq wing " Al - Kaidy " has been destroyed on June, 7th 2 the north from Bagdad as a result of the American aviablow. Az - Zarkaui has been deprived the Jordanian citizenship and some times sentenced to the death penalty for acts of terrorism in kingdom territory.

Al - Masri named itself head " Advice of Mojaheds " - the terrorist organisation which has been created in January, 2006 as a result of merge of the several groupings most known of which is " Al - Kaida to Entre Rios ".

the American armies are in Iraq since 2003.