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the Deceived investors have decided to stop hunger-strike

Participants of hunger-strike in a building on Garden - Suharevsky street in Moscow, suffered from actions of one of the largest building companies and demanding from the authorities to solve a problem of the deceived investors, on Thursday have made the decision in 18. 00 Moscow time to stop a protest action.

" 2DAY, for the twelfth day of termless hunger-strike, considering worsening status of people and considering that certain motions have gone from Public chamber and the State Duma, we have made the decision in 18. 00 to stop hunger-strike " - the representative of participants of the action Sergey Korolev has told to journalists.

Such decision was accepted following the results of a MTG starving W the deputy minister of regional development by Yury Tyrtyshovym, a member of Public chamber Anatoly Kucherenoj and the deputy of the State Duma Alexander Hinstein.

the Representative of investors has expressed hope that multilateral working group created 2DAY under the chairmanship of Kuchereny into which representatives of the power, the law enforcement bodies will enter, the suffered investors and experts, will help to solve problems deceived soinvestorov.

In turn, Kucherena has expressed confidence that " unscrpulous businessmen " will be punished, and Hinstein has promised to make everything that the problem was not " zamylena ". It has reminded that yesterday the State Duma has already directed the reference about it addressed to premieres - the minister of the Russian Federation of Michael Fradkov.