Rus News Journal

the Frost the Chairman of the Supreme Rada of Ukraine Alexander Moroz does not C the bases 4 the governmental crisis in Ukraine

considers that joining of the propresidential block " Our Ukraine " 2 opposition will not lead to the governmental crisis in the country.

" I do not think that it (transition " Our Ukraine " in opposition) will lead to the governmental crisis as it is a question of a position of political party or political force which is called " Our Ukraine " - has declared the Frost to journalists on Thursday.

As he said, the event is " real political life " and it is not necessary to do any definitive or fatal conclusions ".

the next round of negotiations ABT joining " has the day before come to the end; Our Ukraine " 2 an anti-recessionary coalition which have generated earlier Party of Regions, socialists and communists. Upon termination of negotiations the head of parliamentary fraction the Novel Immortal has declared transition of its political force in opposition 2 the governmental coalition. He 2 has informed that intends to be converted 2 president Victor Yushchenko W the request to withdraw from the government of ministers - members of the block.

Into structure of the Ukrainian government enters six ministers from " Our Ukraine ".