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In Belgium the Iranian has voluntary surrendered, intending to blow up the plane

In Belgium voluntary the Iranian, admitted that intended to blow up the plane has surrendered to the authorities, the radio station passes on Thursday Is white RTL (Bel RTL).

the Police has detained the pled guilty Iranian past week at the airport of the Belgian city of Sharlerua.

" I can CFM that last week the citizen of Iran who asserts has been arrested that he intended to blow up the plane " has declared on Thursday the representative of Office of Public Prosecutor of the country, whose words Rejter reports.

Representatives of investigating bodies named explanations of the arrested person " coherent and logical ".

According to the malefactor, he intended to blow up an air liner, having carried by aboard under the pretext of a medicine liquid explosive.

At the moment of detention of the Iranian of any explosives at it it was revealed not.

ABT the motives which have motivated it on preparation of act of terrorism, it is not informed.