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Experiment on flight to Mars: volunteers in 20 times more, than places

Demands from volunteers on participation in land experiment on flight modelling to Mars have arrived from 116 - and the person from 21 - j the world countries, the official representative of Institute mediko - biological problems (IMBP) has informed in News interview the Russian Academy of Sciences Mark Belakovsky.

Among applicants - 16 women and one married couple, he has noted. " already the unknown agiotage among potential participants of this unique experiment is now observed. Questionnaires on six vacant places in crew of our land Martian ship arrive from every corner of the globe, but the preference will be given to experts - to doctors, biologists, experts on electronics and life-support systems " - has told Belakovsky.

According to representative IMBP, huge interest to experiment is shown 2 by mass media. " For today it is accredited more than hundred journalists, among which - representatives of leading world news agencies, TV channels and radio stations. BTW, a number of correspondents very much want to take part in experiment as volunteers. Their questionnaires on participation in the project " Mars - 500 " are now considered by experts " - has noted Belakovsky.

In the near future IMBP declares the international tender for maintenance of experiment with scientific and household equipment. " take part in competition can both the Russian and foreign scientific institutes, and manufacturers of high-precision electronic technics. Besides, by results of the tender suppliers of sportswear, footwear, linen and equipment 4 maintenance of leisure of crew of our land Martian ship " will be selected; - the representative of institute has noted.

the Russian institute mediko - biological problems officially declared a set of volunteers 4 participation in land experiment by duration of 500 days on flight modelling to Mars on July, 26th.

" specially selected volunteers can take part In experiment from 25 till 50 years W higher education. The preference will be given to the practising doctors owning methods of urgent medical aid, doctors - to the researchers owning skills of clinical laboratory diagnostics, biologists, engineers - to experts in life-support systems, experts in computer facilities and electronics, mechanical engineers. Candidates should know English at the level providing professional and household dialogue " - has told Belakovsky.

Land experiment in the conditions of long isolation assumes " flight " on a line the Earth - Mars duration of 250 days, abiding on " Surfaces of Mars " three crewmen in till 30 days, and also return " flight " on a line Mars - the Earth - 240 days.

In experiment it is supposed to be guided by a mode of work and rest of crews in orbital flights at space stations (seven-day week W two days off).

crew Activity will include regular operations (medical control, physical trainings, control and service of systems, management " the landing module ") and performance of scientific researches. Modelling supernumerary and the emergencies caused by the human factor (by decrease in working capacity, reliability of activity), and also refusals of onboard systems and the equipment is planned.