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Russia and Georgia on the conflict are pushed with the West, the opposition in Georgia

considers Russia and Georgia on the conflict pushes the West, the leader of the Georgian oppositional political association " considers; Imedi " Irina Sarishvili.

" I do not countenance the relation between Russia and Georgia, developed 2DAY. I belong 2 that political group which considers that on the conflict Russia and Georgia are pushed with the West " - she has told on a press - conferences in News on Thursday.

It has explained that under the West she means administration of the USA which exports " the colonial goods in the form of multi-coloured revolutions ". Sarishvili considers that behind it there is a pressing forward " to generate a new world order ".

" But, neither Georgia, nor Russia should not come across on this fishing tackle, on these artful plans " - has told the leader of the Georgian opposition.