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Russia and Kazakhstan will create hozobshchestvo on the basis of Orenburg GPZ

the Government of the Russian Federation has countenanced the draught agreement between the governments of Russia and Kazakhstan ABT cooperation in creation of an economic society on the basis of the Orenburg gas-processing factory.

As has informed on Thursday a press - the government service, the corresponding order was signed by the prime minister - the minister of the Russian Federation Michael Fradkov.

the Draft agreement presented by Minpromenergo of Russia, is co-ordinated about the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia and other interested federal enforcement authorities, and also from Open Society Gazprom and is preliminary worked W the Kazakhstan party.

the Government has charged Minpromenergo of Russia to carry on negotiations W the Kazakhstan party and on reaching the arrangement to sign on behalf of the government of the Russian Federation this agreement, having allowed to make to the project the changes which do not have basic character.