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Titov: business is ready to participate in updating of national projects

Representatives of small and AVG business are ready to participate in updating of national projects, the chairman of the all-Russian public organisation " has declared News; Business Russia " Boris Titus.

" If earlier we reflected that national projects are necessary to us, 2DAY - other stage. We C that they bring notable advantage, and 2DAY we pass 2 updating and 2 long-term planning " - Titov has told.

As he said, from its part, " Business Russia " is ready to offer the whole programs under ANY1 national project. So, under the project " Education " there is a WRK on creation of a rating of high schools, the program on vocational training development, including creation of the resource CTRs (the training CTRs on many specialities, proceeding from requirements of regions) is studied.

Within the limits of the national project on public health services, according to Titov, propagation of a healthy way of life should become the cores. Experts " Business Russia " work over the project of creation of stands of physical culture in high schools.

He has noticed that at Advice session sounded two offers on an order of granting of grants and guarantees on preparation of building sites 4 housing construction. In particular, it was offered to give out grants and to a guarantee or municipalities, or builders.

" In my opinion, there should be all (both vanta). We should support private builders " - Titov has told.

It has explained that frequently it is difficult to municipalities to organise process - to find builders, to conclude contracts. He Besides, believes, 2DAY the big problems are connected with the financing organisation under projects in building, as only large companies " Presume to organise financing ".

" measures Should be taken for the help in maintenance of financing of projects of building " - Titov has noted. As he said, in Russia it is necessary to build " effective habitation " - cheap, beautiful, safe, and on certain building technologies.

" Business Russia " suggests to create the CTR which will select building technologies 4 their use in realisation of national projects. " it is necessary to choose five - seven basic technologies 4 mass building " - Titov has told, having added that to builders who will erect habitation on these technologies, and there should be a financial support.

Estimating offers on improvement of a demographic situation in the country, Titov has noticed that that project which is offered Minzdravsotsrazvitija, as a whole corresponds also to offers " Business Russia ".