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Right Moscow, 4 deck - News have urged to inform on infringements to responsible structures

. I an island of the chairman of the party " the Just cause " Andrey Dunaev calls the political parties participating in parliamentary elections on December, 4th, " not to irritate a society " on ANY1 infringement of the selective legislation and to form lists and to write applications in corresponding structures.

Russians on Sunday choose the sixth structure of the State Duma which will work not four years, as the previous convocations, and five years. For the first time in history modern Russia 2 elections of deputies of the State Duma all registered political parties are admitted: parliamentary " an United Russia " the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, LDPR and " Fair Russia " and also not presented to the lower chamber " the Apple " " the Just cause " and " Patriots of Russia ".

" Election campaign and the election day pass extremely nervously. Observers from all parties and our observers fix infringements of the selective law which exists. The scale of infringements does not look, can while, globally, it can be estimated L8R " - Dunaev to journalists in a party staff has told.

As he said, the parties of infringement on occasion fixed by observers can be qualified " as criminal infringements ".

" We urge all parties not to irritate now a society, to form the list of infringements and to be converted W corresponding statements into corresponding structures, including judicial bodies " - he has underlined.

Dunaev considers that " as a whole the society will RCV that legislature, which adequately society ".

Now MSG on those or other infringements which arrive from various regions, including from Moscow, are CKed both electoral committees, and law enforcement bodies. In turn, the Central Electoral Commission of the Russian Federation has informed that as of 16. 00 Moscow time has RCVed 68 complaints and the references connected with possible infringements on Sunday elections, from them 45 have arrived from political parties.